The Dreaded Asthma

Neb dosage #2 - 24.11

Neb dosage #2 – 24.11

After a looong time Mstr 10 hit rock bottom with a sudden onslaught of asthma.

Having suffered from this sleep depriving, chest constricting illness from the tender young age of 3, once again our happy little life with thrown into turmoil.

It truly is heartbreaking to watch your child..anyone really for that matter suffering from asthma. Especially when you find yourself entirely helpless and the only thing you are good for really is to put on a brave face and comfort the sufferer.

This quite bad attack saw us visiting the hospital 3 times in 24hrs which really is quite ridiculous. We both suffered a sleepless night and are now back at the hospital for the 3rd time with Mstr 10 is on his 2nd round of nebs.

Fingers are crossed after this trip he’ll be back on the mend..


Neb dosage #2 - 25.11

Neb dosage #2 – 25.11


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