Taking it Back – Trip to Labasa/Savusavu, Fiji

Isn’t it funny how you can live in a country for most of your life and you just don’t get to travel to all the beautiful places it has to offer. I have been lucky working for a newspaper as a Photojournalist to experience the beauty of my homeland when i am sent out on assignments.

April 9th 2014 was the first opportunity for me to visit Labasa and Savusavu thanks to work. At the time i was steering the Photography team at the Fiji Times but with all my team on other assignments my eye and i were the only available ones for this trip so with work camera in hand plus my beloved Rocking Red (my personal Nikon D3200), I jumped on to a plane with our Chief of Staff for 2 days of picturesque beauty and untold stories.

Coffee, Rocking Red and I

Labasa is a town in Fiji with a population of 27,949 at the most recent census held in 2007. Labasa is located in Macuata Province, in the north-eastern part of the island of Vanua Levu, and is the largest town on the island.

My first impression of Labasa town was it’s dusty and many of the buildings still sport signs from 2 possibly 3 decades ago (this is not actually new to me or Fiji….the same can be seen in the backstreets of Nadi, some buildings in the capital of Suva, Navua etc). It’s pretty much a one street town (again not new in Fiji) and by 7 in the evening…it’s like a ghost town.

Labasa Town – main street

You tend to see some pretty wild, weird and wonderful things in small towns and not even 2 hours into our stay we came across this guy bizzing around on a contraption that you could probably describe as a handmade wheelchair…maybe?

Wild Wheelie Dude of Labasa

After a short talk with him, details were taken down for a story and we bid him good bye. Of being the journalists we are we immediately dubbed him the Wild Wheelie Dude of Labasa and everyone of us secretly hoped he did some sort of wheelie in that cart as he zoomed down the pavement….at a snail’s pace LOL

Just one wheelie….only one will be suffice

All in all a great time was had in Labasa….from drinking spring water straight out of the mountain enroute to Savusavu

Ice cold and fresh! Spring water straight from the source at the mountain…it never runs dry apparently

to visiting Savusavu town (also a one street town)

Beautiful Savusavu town

and stopping off at the beautiful Savai Island Resort and trekking the resort to see it’s beauty

Team Fiji Times at Savai Island Resort
I even got to play in the bushes

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