Taking it back – Te Mana o Te Moana: Pacific Voyagers

Bare with me here guys, i’m going to take you all back in time for the next few blogs to catch up with today 🙂 Perhaps i’ll bore the shit out of you…or not…either way, it’s important to me regardless of whether you care or not LOL.

In 2011/2012 a fleet of seven traditional-style voyaging canoes (Vaka Moana) manned by a group of over 100 Pan-Pacific Islanders, who for the first time ever, sailed across the Pacific Ocean we all call home this side of the planet to carry a message of stewardship for the ocean. It may be interesting to note that each of the Vaka Moana are green vessels totally dependant on the wind and the sun and are based on the old Polynesian double hulled canoes our ancestors would use to sail between islands trading goods.


The Vakas approach San Fransisco’s Golden Gate bridge during the voyage

The sailors many of them being first timers, ranged in ages and nationalities. The men and women were artists, fishermen, teachers, farmers, photographers etc. Some were life-long seaman and others as mentioned were getting their first taste of the open seas. Every single one of them shared one voice and one vision…to save our oceans.


The fleet of 7 Vaka Moana

The fleet sailed from New Zealand to Hawaii, California to Cocos Islands, the Galapagos to the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and more following the path of our sailing ancestors using traditional navigational skills and relying on the stars, the wind and wildlife as their guides to reconnect with theirs and other native cultures across the globe and to spread the word of looking after our oceans for the future generations.


During the voyage

It is important to understand that Pacific Islanders have a deeply rooted connection to the land, to the ocean and to the environment. We do not make a distinction between the environment and culture – both are one and the same. The ocean connects families across the Pacific and for hundreds of years one tradition has laid the foundation for the cultures and lives on the islands….Ocean Voyaging.

So in 2012 as the fleet neared the end of their voyage, they hit Vanuatu soil and our Jedi#1 joined the Fijian Vaka the Uto Ni Yalo and sailed back to Fiji as crew at the age of 19. This first taste of sea life (i’ve been told he was sea sick for 2 days) for Zane would eventually tease my eldest son towards a life of a sailor.Something we are so very proud of as he now lives his Father and Mother’s dreams.


The Jedi#1 Zane – Living the dreams of his mother & father


Zane in his cabin which are in the hulls of the canoe

The Pacific Voyaging society advocates heavily for the oceans and it’s residents. Cleaner oceans, cleaner world….it’s simple really, if we keep polluting the oceans with plastic, balloons etc then eventually the oceans will die. The oceans die…..we die too….


Crew of the Fijian vaka UTO NI YALO say hi to a visitor


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