Flying the noble banner blue

Flying the noble banner blue

Fijians the world over love our rugby…maybe I should stress that a bit more…we LOVE our rugby!!

On any given day children, teens and adults…male and female can be seen throwing a rugby ball around as the sun sets on our beautiful shores.

Children in villages and suburban homes for that matter that can’t afford a simple pleasure like a rugby ball substitute it with an empty PVC Coke bottle or a coconut that’s how addicted we are to our rugby.

Sevens Rugby is our National sport…end of story and when the IRB 7s circuit starts every year hoards of Fijian fans travel following our Fiji team to watch them play around the world.

While this is going on, just about all TV sets in Fiji are tuned into the games at home and in villages people will congregate by the numbers to the one or 2 sets available so they don’t miss the action.

Children, men and women will scream the house down, swear, cry and laugh when the team plays and if the team wins a particular circuit, taxis will blare their horns throughout the night to show that we have won.

Flags can be seen on cars, houses, buildings, on people etc as we cheer our team on and fly the noble banner blue.

The above image shows Fiji fans in full force at one of the IRB circuits.


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