Rock, Paper, Scissors

On Tuesday I was told by a few colleagues of a new game Primary school kids are playing here. It’s an extension of Rock, Paper, Scissors or what we call here in Fiji “Supui”. Apparently kids and their amazing minds have added RAIN, FIRE, WIND & UMBRELLA to the mix.

If you can envision…

* Rain = hands above head with fingers pointing down (don’t forget to wiggle fingers for effect)
* Fire = hands around waist level with fingers pointing upwards (wiggle fingers again)
* Wind = hands in front of your face with fingers pointing towards your opponent (move hands towards your opponent and back several times…blow from your mouth for added effect lol)
* Umbrella = one finger pointing up with other hands flat on top of finger (no wiggling required)

Pure genius I tell you..of course being the mature adults we are working in a busy newsroom we just had to give it a go in between fits of laughter…





Just another day in the life of a daily newsroom lmao!


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