Food glorious food

Islanders around the Pacific LOVE food and to eat…believe me when I say this…to the state of absolute uncomfortable-ness (you’ll get used to the hyphen BTW..I do it often). But we tend to ignore the feeling of being overfull and still pig on to our heart’s content.

I suppose we’re not much different from other areas of the globe, you just never know.

Anyway I thought I’d post a few pics of food I have successfully pigged out on lately….

Kai soup with tubua and Cassava


Kai is a fresh water mussel. This yummy baby can be cooked in various ways from minced and mixed with onions, tomatoes and chillies and baked in it’s shell (this is my absolute favourite way to eat it btw) to boiled again in its shell with coconut milk to in a soup as you can see above.

The Tubua is a plant which is very rich in iron..this is just placed in boiling water for a couple of minutes. The cassava or tapioka is boiled. The latter 2 were served as a side dish…

Healthy, healthy, healthy!

Chicken curry and rice


I’m sure most would know this dish and have tasted it…so I won’t go on about it unless someone asks me.

Tomato chutney


Simply devine with curry…if you like curry and like tomatoes..this is a must. Homemade chutney is the best btw

Chicken nibbles with white sauce


A Sunday favourite at my place…my Beastie made this for us. The sauce was delish and tasted a little like thousand island dressing…it didn’t last long with 3 smaller mouths hanging around the kitchen lol.

I’ll post more food up later and will source out pics of real Fijian food for you to look at soon.

Happy eating…


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