Kalavatas and Salusalus

Friday saw my eldest boy dressed in Kalavata (matching material outfit) on Friday for his first year’s Graduation at ServicePro International Tourism and Hospitality Institute.

After stupidly forgetting to organise his Salusalu (Fijian garland worn around the neck for such occasions) we ran around town and against time to find the one most suited to match his outifit..that was fun..

Entering the venue I was literally blown away to see his fellow students all looking so lovely dressed in their Kalavatas topped off with their salusalus.

Girls wore various heels, faces adorned with make up and hair done up in various styles they literally glowed, while the few boys looked very spiffy in their Bula shirts and sulus. The place was literally buzzing with excitement.

Overall it was a wonderful day full of colour polished off with a meal the students themselves made for the 200 plus parents and guests…impressive indeed!

I couldn’t help it but it truly was a proud Mother moment indeed and a Friday well spent.


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