Fiji the way the world should be

Being a Photographer is a truly enlightening feeling and working for a daily newspaper allows you to meet wonderful people from all walks of life. This in itself is very enriching and often humbling.

As I slowly make my way around this blog site and build my blog I will give you a glimpse of the Fiji I absolutely love. I sit here on my bed right now with the TV replaying Fiji’s games in the IRB Rugby 7s World Cup games (yes we are a Rugby loving nation) which happened in Russia last weekend and yet another cup of coffee…possibly my 6 or 7 coffee for today, I think about all the things I would love to share with you.

Most of it of course will be in images captured over the years from people to Pacific tattoos, Polynesian music and more.

Stick around for a brief insight into Fiji and it’s history which I’ll be showing you soon enough…but for now I’ve started adding Gallery pages of my work for you to ponder over. Some will like my images and others understandably will most likely hate them,  either way you and I cannot deny they are moments captured in time and they are my moments.

Enjoy the Fiji I know and still believe it to “the way the world should be”.


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